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20 September 2017

A Ciambra

  • A film by

    Jonas Carpignano


    Damiano Amato, Iolanda Amato, Pio Amato, Koudous Seihon


    Drama – 2017 – Italy – USA – France – Sweden – VOST – 1h58 – 1,85 – 5.1

    Awards / Festivals

    Nomination at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs
    Label Europa Cinémas


Pio is in a hurry to grow up. At the tender age of 14 he already drinks, smokes and follows his older brother Cosimo everywhere. Through Cosimo, Pio learns how to hustle, but also the importance of taking care of his people who live in the Ciambra. After Cosimo’s ability to provide for the family is compromised, Pio tries his best to fill his brothers shoes and starts running with Ayiva, a Burkinabe man his brother used to work with. As pressure mounts and the family’s debts grow, it becomes increasingly hard to pay the local tax imposed by the ‘Ndrangheta. With their backs against the wall, Pio’s family contemplates leaving the Ciambra and moving to another territory. Ultimately, Pio must decide how far he is willing to go to protect their home and keep his family together.

Technical list

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Technical list


Jonas Carpignano


Tim Curtin

movie Editor

Affonso Gonçalves

production manager

Marco Ascanio Viarigi

Sound engineer

Giuseppe Tripodi

Costume designer

Nicoletta Taranta


Dan Romer

Musical supervisor

Joe Rudge

International Sales




Stayblack Productions, RT Features, Sikelia Productions, Rai Cinema

In Association with

DCM, Haut et Court, Film i Väst and Filmgate Films


MIBACT and the Aide aux Cinémas du Monde, CNC, Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et du Développement International, Institut Français and LU.CA


Jon Coplon, Paolo Carpignano, Ryan Zacarias, Gwyn Sannia, Rodrigo Teixeira, Marc Schmidheiny, Cristoph Daniel

Line Producer

Martin Scorsese

Line Producers

Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Sophie Mas, Lourenço Sant’Anna, Daniela Lundgren Taplin, Alessio Lazzareschi, Dario Suter, Joel Brandeis


Carole Scotta, Julie Billy, Tomas Eskilsson, Sean Wheelan