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05 June 2013

Back in crime


Detective Richard Kemp, is investigating a murder bearing all the signs of a serial killer who marked the beginning of his career: the Eardrum Slasher. There is only one witness, Hélène, with whom he soon falls in love. But suddenly, after an accidental fall, Kemp finds himself transported twenty years into the past: The day before the very first murder committed by the serial killer.

He then tries to help his young 30 year-old double catch the murderer. But his presence in a world to which he no longer belongs quickly upsets the established course of events. Richard Kemp is now suspected of being the perpetrator…

Helene – who does not know him yet – will cross his path…

Technical list

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Technical list

Press agent

Michèle Abitbol

international sales

Memento Films International

Video editor

France Télévisions Distribution


Germinal Alvarez and Nathalie Saugeon, with the participation of Vanessa Lepinard, from an original idea by Germinal Alvarez


Carole Scotta and Simon Arnal

Executive Producers

Caroline Benjo and Barbara Letellier


Vincent Mathias, AFC

Movie editors

Alexandro Rodriguez and Yannick Kergoat

original scope

Evgueni and Sacha Galperine

Casting director

Emmanuelle Prévost, ARDA

Cameraman – Steadycamer

Etienne Saldes

1er Assistant director

Laurent Bourdier


Julie Vasconi

SFX Make-Up

Dominique Colladant

Visual effects

Thibault Granier

Costume designer

Pierre Canitrot

Production designer

Marie-Hélène Sulmoni

Sound engineer

Rodolphe Beauchamp

Sound editor

Vincent Guillon


Christophe Leroy

Production manager

Philippe Delest

Post Production manager

Nicolas Voillard


Produced by Haut & Court


In coproduction with DIRECT CINEMA


With the participation of Direct 8, Canal +, Ciné +, Haut et Court Distribution, Memento Films International


In association with B Media Export, Palatine Etoile 10


With the support of the REGION AQUITAINE

With the collaboration of the ÉCLA Aquitaine Tournages agency, the CHARENTE-MARITIME department, and the REGION POITOU-CHARENTES


In partnership with the CNC