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14 July 2010

Black Heaven

  • A film by

    Gilles Marchand


    Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet, Louise Bourgoin, Melvil Poupaud, Pauline Etienne, Pierre Niney, Ali Marhyar, Patrick Descamps, Pierre Vittet, Swann Arlaud, Francesco Merenda, Mohamed Diakite. Et dans Black Hole : Moon Daily, Laurent Lacotte.

  • Technical information

    2010 – France / Belgium – 1h44 – Scope – Dolby SRD – Visa 117 158

    Awards / Festivals

    Festival de Cannes 2010 – Sélection Officielle – Hors Compétition – Projection de Minuit


It’s summer in the South of France. Sunshine. Vacations. Gaspard is a happy adolescent boy. His parents have left him their apartment. He can do what he likes. His friends Yann and Ludo are always ready to try all kinds of crazy things. And Marion is a great girl. That summer, she and Gaspard are going to discover desire and perhaps even love together.

Is it a coincidence that, at the same time, Gaspard’s sunny world provides him with a glimpse of a much darker and disturbing one? That of Audrey and her brother Vincent. The world of Black Hole, an on-line game in which Audrey seems to move beneath the mask of her avatar, Sam, looking for a partner to die with.

Technical list

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Technical list

international sales

Memento Films International

movie editor

France Télévisions Distributions


Gilles Marchand.


Gilles Marchand and Dominik Moll.


Carole Scotta, Caroline Benjo, Simon Arnal, Barbara Letellier.


Jacques- Henri and Olivier Bronckart.


Céline Bozon.

Directing advisor

Dominik Moll.

Casting directors

Constance Demontoy, Emmanuelle Prevost.

Movie editor

Nelly Quettier.


Anthony Gonzales, Emmanuel d’Orlando.

Music supervisor

Olivier Bertrand.

Sound engineers

Gérard Hardy, Philippe Baudhuin, Pierre Mertens.

Production designer

Jérémie Sfez.

Costume designer

Joana George Rossi.

1st assistant director

Rafaèle Ravinet Virbel.

And for Blackhole


Djibril Glissant.

Creation of characters

Bertrand Gatignol.

Production designer

Arnaud Baudry.

Storyboard and design

Gautier Garin.

Urban designer

Mitia Claisse.

general supervisor (WFX)

Nicolas Rey.



PHOTO CREDITS (Louise Bourgoin in the pool – Kiss between Louise Bourgoin and Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet – Close-up Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet)

Haut et Court / Marcel Hartmann