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14 November 2001

Time out

  • A film by

    Laurent Cantet


    Aurélien Recoing, Karin ViardCe

  • Infos techniques

    2001 – France – Canada – 2h12 – 1:85 – dolby SR – Visa 99418


Vincent, who is in his early forties, leads a double life. While he drives aimlessly along highways and hangs out in gas stations and rest stops, he tells his family that he has a very busy professional life. In truth, he has been unemployed for several weeks and is hiding this from the people around him. He lives in a small country town with his wife Muriel, their three children and his parents who are local dignitaries. He invents a new position as an international public servant in Switzerland. This allows him, as he supposedly moves to Geneva, to borrow money from his father and above all, gives him free time. He uses this freedom to set up a scam involving his old classmates from college to whom he offers fake investment opportunities in Switzerland. Obliged not only to get hold of money at any cost, but also to elaborate more and more on his fictional position each day, Vincent gets caught in a trap of his own making: not working gradually becomes a full-time  job.

Technical list

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Technical list

vendeur international

Celluloïd dreams

Scénario original

Robin Campillo et Laurent Cantet

Conseiller artistique

Vincent Dietschy

Chef opérateur

Pierre Milon


Robin Campillo


Olivier Mauvezin

Montage son

Valerie Deloof


Fabrice Conesa-Alcolea

Assistante réalisateur

Rafaële Ravinet-Virbel


Elizabeth Mehu


Romain Denis


Stephane Batut et Constance Demontoy

Musique originale

Jocelyn Pook

Photographe de plateau

Jean-Claude Lother

Direction de production

Elise Voitey


Caroline Benjo

Productrice exécutive

Barbara Letellier

Producteurs associés

Carole Scotta et Simon Arnal