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28 September 2015

The Returned – Saison2


Six months have gone by since the Returned gathered one night, before disappearing into the mountains, taking with them Simon, Camille and her mother, and Julie, along with the mysterious boy Victor. Since then, nothing has been heard of them. There’s no sign of the gendarmes who came to protect the residents of the Helping Hand shelter.

Now, Adèle is about to give birth to Simon’s child. Part of the town is still flooded. The dam has been put under surveillance, and the army is providing logistical support to the inhabitants who decided to stay. Rumours are circulating about the return of the dead, but the authorities don’t take this seriously. The few witnesses end up keeping their mouths shut. Among them are Léna and her father Jérôme, who have not given up on finding Camille and Claire. A stranger arrives in town; his name is Berg, and he seems to know much more than he lets on.

What the living don’t know is that the Returned have not gone away. Unable to leave the Valley, they sought refuge in an estate abandoned by its inhabitants, an area on the edge of town which has been made inaccessible by the flooding. They are still holding Julie, Victor, Camille and Claire, who have had to get used to this refugee lifestyle.

That is when a new wave of resurrections occurs…

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Technical list

editeur vidéo


Une série de 8 épisodes de 52 minutes

Créée par

Fabrice Gobert


Les Revenants, un film de Robin Campillo

Écrite par

Fabrice Gobert, Audrey Fouché, Coline Abert et Fabien Adda

Réalisée par

Fabrice Gobert

Produite par

Caroline Benjo, Jimmy Desmarais et Barbara Letellier pour Haut et Court TV